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Sei Bello means You Are Beautiful!

Over 20 years experience, specializing in human hair extensions. It all started with an admiration for the celebrity hair especially, Cher's incredible hairstyles.

Hair extensions and wigs can give are endless opportunities to look beautiful, even if you're facing some incredible "hair challenges".

Our passion to help women who are challenged with limited hair options during their Chemotherapy treatments. We believe you can still look & feel beautiful everyday;

nothing can stop you when your hair is beautiful. 

Get a new look today for a new you or give your own hair a rest with a protective style while reaching your personal hair goals.

Your hair extensions or wig should be as unique and natural as you are.

Our Custom and Chemo Wigs for medical hair loss from chemotherapy, Alopecia or thinning hair are made of the best quality 100% human hair which makes our wigs 

light, cool and comfortable. and they feel AMAZING!

Hair Extensions and wigs allow your hair and scalp with proper care to rest and replenish itself for a fresh new look without glue or metal extensions to minimize damage.

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